Perochial Church Council.

The members of the Parochial Church Council are:

  • Chairman (Rev. T Moat)
  • Lay Vice Chair (Mr Robert Fraser)
  • Churchwarden (Mr Tom. Reynolds)
  • Treasurer (Mrs Joyce Coxon)
  • Synod Representative Mrs Anne Hedley
  • Synod Representative Mrs Val Woodman
  • P.C.C. member Mrs Joan Rutherford
  • P.C.C. member Miss Ellen Rutherford

Meetings and Annual Parishioners Meetings

The Parochial Church Council aim to meet a minimum of four times a year. During 2020 due to Covid restrictions we have met or are due to meet on:-

18th October 2020

6th December 2020

13th January 2021

10th February 2021

13th or 24th March 2021

A.M.o.t.P. & A.P.C.M. – 11th April 2021. (Time & Place t.b.a.)

Some of these meetings may be held using Zoom.