Perochial Church Council.

The members of the Parochial Church Council are:

  • Chairman (Rev. T Moat)
  • Lay Vice Chair (Mr Robert Fraser)
  • Churchwarden (Mr Tom. Reynolds)
  • Treasurer (Mrs Joyce Coxon)
  • Synod Representative Mrs Anne Hedley
  • Synod Representative Mrs Gaynor Fraser
  • P.C.C. member Ms Glynis Ditchburn
  • P.C.C. member Mrs Heather Easby
  • P.C.C. member Mrs Evelyn Wilson

Meetings and Annual Parishioners Meetings

The Parochial Church Council aims to meet a minimum of four times a year. During 2021/2022 we will meet or have meet on the dates below, however the meeting maybe by zoom due to any new Covid restrictions:-

PCC1 16th June 2021

PCC2 29th September 2021

PCC3 24th November 2021

PCC4 24th February 2022

PCC5 23rd March 2022

A.M.o.t.P and A.C.P.M 24th April 2022

Some of these meetings may be held using Zoom.