Who is Who

Our Parish Office address is: – Parish Office, Holy Family, Riversdale Avenue, Stakeford, Choppington NE62 5JZ

ChairRev. Terry MoatCofe.Parish.Choppington@outlook.com01670 822216
ChurchwardenMr Tom ReynoldsChurchwarden.choppington@outlook.com 07561242975
Lay Vice Chair / ChurchwardenMr Robert FraserSecretary.pcc.choppington@outlook.com 07398551827
P.C.C. SecretaryMr Robert FraserSecretary.pcc.choppington@outlook.com 07398551827
Safeguarding OfficerMr Tom ReynoldsSafeguarding@pcc.choppington@outlook.com 07561242975
Electoral Role OfficerMr Robert FraserEro.pcc.choppington@outlook.com
Treasurer/Gift Aid Co-ordinatorMrs Joyce CoxonTreasurer.pcc.choppington@outlook.com
Health and Safety OfficerMr Robert FraserSecretary.pcc.choppington@outlook.com
Data Protection LeadMr Robert FraserSecretary.pcc.choppington@outlook.com
Deanery Synod RepMrs Anne Hedley
Deanery Synod Rep

Please do not send any unnecessary emails. The email is forwarded to the secretary of the Parish Parochial Council who will pass any relevant messages to the appropriate officer.

Please use the form to contact us. Certain fields are required so we can respond. We will not keep your contact details unless you authorise us to do so. When submitting fill in the fields and then click “Contact Us” to submit. Thank You.