Gardening – Parish of Choppington

Plans for our Churchyards

St Pauls the Apostle Churchyard and St Peters Churchyard

General work

The Gardener will endeavour to clear all of the areas of weeds where they are encroaching on the ability of the council to weed kill around the metal fences within the churchyard. All work in the Churchyard must be agreed by the Church Wardens. The Gardener who has been appointed by the local Parochial Parish Council has regular meetings with the Church wardens to agree the work and discuss any work.

Please note the local Parish Council cut the grass and weed kill around the graves and in the Churchyard in general.

Please contact the Churchwarden on his email of you have any queries – please see contact list. Any queries must be in writing to ensure that the Parochial Parish Council can be kept up to date and agree decisions.


Many of the trees in both Churchyards are suffering from Ash dieback and will be removed by Arborists with the formal agreement of the Diocese. Trees to be crown lifted and any areas underneath cleared around a six foot perimeter as laid down in the Churchyard regulations unless this would disturb a grave.

General Areas and South, East and North East Corners of the Churchyard

Clear rubbish from North East bottom corner – leaving earth for grave diggers for infilling. Clear any overgrown areas to ensure all grave areas can be found and made tidy.